Transparent Lock Screen for Android

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Every Android device in the market comes with a screen lock feature to prevent unauthorized access. They all allow users to either use a Pattern, PIN or Password to secure their device. If you’ve got tired of the same functionality through daily use, here’s an interesting alternative called Invisible Lock.

As the very name of the app suggests, Invisible Lock is a transparent lock screen app that creates an illusion of an unlocked phone while it is locked. You can see widgets and clock directly from the lock screen (as seen in image), but all elements are blocked from use till you use the right gesture. It sounds a bit tricky, but works as intended.

Invisible Lock

The app lets you unlock your phone through the use of one of four swipe gestures: Swipe Right, Swipe Left, Swipe Up, and Swipe Down. You can set this by going to the app’s settings.

To be able to use Invisible Lock, you’ve to disable the default system lock or any other lock app you might be using.

This is the first version, so there are a couple of things to be noted:

  • Though this app blocks access to the screen, Notification Bar and hardware buttons on the device are still accessible.
  • Custom gestures can’t be set. If you’re worried about security, you shouldn’t use the app just yet.

Invisible Lock app has been found to be working perfectly on these devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (International version)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand
  • LG Nexus 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus S
  • Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Amazon Kindle Fire (First Generation)