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Add Custom Header Banner Image to Plugin Page on

WordPress Plugin Repository has got a nice new change giving developers better control over the look of their plugin pages.

Custom plugin header image

If you are a plugin developer, you can now customize your plugin page by adding a custom header images to your listings.

To add your own header image, follow these instructions:

  1. Make a 772×250 pixel JPEG or PNG image. (No GIFs.)
  2. Check in to your plugin’s SVN directory and create a directory called “assets” in the root directory.
  3. Add your image inside this directory by giving it the name “banner-772×250.(jpg|png)”.

That’s it. Your image would show up on your plugin page on the next plugin directory refresh (every 15 minutes or so).

If you can’t wait that long. Here is a little trick to test images without uploading to the SVN directory. Upload your image anywhere online (Dropbox would also do) and copy the direct image URL. Then add this ?banner_url=YOUR_IMAGE_ONLINE.png to your plugin URL. You should see your image in effect.

This functionality is available only for contributors to a plugin. That means, you cannot use this trick to test another developers plugin page.

Custom header image is an experimental function as of now and will likely be changed in the future, according to Matt Mullenweg. But still, this is definitely a great way for developers to differentiate their plugin from another.

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