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Google Demo Slam

Google has launched Demo Slam.

Google Demo Slam is a competition were creative and tech-savvy people can create and upload tech demo videos featuring a Google product. The videos should be in a way, it’s easy for non-technical people to understand the technology.
To participate, users need to select a topic, create a video, and upload their submission to the Demo Slam site. A group of Googlers will then choose two videos for each week’s competition from the submissions based on “creativity and entertainment value” and feature it.

Viewers will then be vote for a weekly winner from the featured demos and learn a little something in the process. As the competition continues, these winners will then go head-to-head until the overall champion is crowned. There is no disclosure about the prizes for the winners.

For now, the contest runs from October 20, 2010 to January 30, 2011.

Terms of participation: Only US residents can participate, videos should be of less than 2 minutes and should showcase the use of one of the featured Google products (Book Search, Chrome, Docs, Earth, Goggles, Image Search, Translate, Maps, Picasa, Voice Search and more).

Here’s a video featured this week promoting Google Goggles.

Visit: Google Demo Slam

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