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3 Tools to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

There are lots of themes available to give Google Chrome a new look. Some of them are official while many are being contributed by user communities. Now, what if you can’t find a theme you are looking for anywhere? Well you can just create it yourself now.

With the three tools in this post, you can create your own Chrome theme customized with colors and images of your choice and in the end you may feel more satisfied about it than one that you download online.

CRX Theme Creator
CRX Theme creator is a free Windows desktop application. With it, you can customize every aspect of a Chrome theme.

To create your theme, simply run the program and select your PNG images and desired colors. Now, to preview the theme click on “View Theme” button. If you are happy with the result, finalize it by clicking on the “Pack Theme” button. A file with theme.crx name will be created.

To install this theme, just drag and drop it into Chrome or else open it with “Ctrl + O” shortcut from Chrome.

CRX Theme is a portable application and works with all Windows versions.

Download: CRX Theme

If you are not a Windows user or if you don’t want to download any application then check out Chrome Theme below.

Chrome Theme

Chrome Theme is a web tool using which you can create your Chrome theme online. It gives you all the features offered by CRX theme and it’s online. This means you can access it from anywhere you have an internet access and you don’t have to install anything on your computer.

To create a theme, just visit the site, select your PNG Images and colors, and Pack theme. That’s it!

Visit: Chrome Theme


It’s a simple theme creator that just allows you to create a theme with a custom background. So if you don’t want to dig deep into the various customizations options and are just happy with a custom background then is for you.

On the homepage, choose the image you want and click on “Create theme.” Next, you will get a download link to download the theme.

Visit: Chromizer

After creating theme you can share it with the world here.

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