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GeoTag Your Photos

Geotagging your photo means, embedding the location information within your photo and this enables you to view them on a satellite map. Want to Geotag a photo so that you can remember the exact place it was clicked at? Here are two software that will get the task done for you.

Picasa 3.8
You can geotag photos in Picasa in two ways: Using Google Maps from within Picasa, the other method you can read further below.

The easiest method is to use Google Maps from within Picasa itself.

The second method is using the original geotag feature in Picasa, which launched Google Earth.

Download: Picasa [10.4 Mb]

This is a freeware tool for Windows that lets you add and edit geotag data in a photo. You can add geotag to the photos by entering the coordinates or by browsing via the build-in Google Maps.

More features of GeoSetter:

Download: GeoSetter
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