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Hotmail Enables Full-Session SSL Feature

Today, Hotmail has added full-session SSL feature. To access it, enter in your browser, and upon first sign-in you’ll be presented with the following screen:

Here, you’ll have the option to “Always use HTTPS” or “Continue to Hotmail” and use HTTPS for this session only. If you choose to Always use HTTPS, every time you login to Hotmail you’ll be taken to the HTTPS address.

Using HTTPS will help keep your account secure from hackers, but always having HTTPS on will cause errors if you try to access Hotmail through Windows Live Mail, Outlook Hotmail Connector and Windows Live for Windows Mobile and Nokia phones.

If you only need a temporary HTTPS connection, like when accessing Hotmail from a public computer or a cafe, enter “https” in front of the web address while starting your session.

If you have already set your settings to HTTPS but want to change it then visit and select the option “don’t use HTTPS automatically” and Save.

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