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Weather based Alarm Clock for Android Devices

AlarMe is an alarm clock app for Android devices with a cool twist. In addition to the conventional method of creating your standard alarm with a time and description, AlarMe lets you set different alarms to wake you up based on the weather condition in your area. This could, as the developer says, help you wake up early on a stormy day to avoid getting stuck in traffic or let you sleep a littler longer on a sunny day.

After installing the app, first you need to go to the app’s settings and choose a weather provider – Open Weather or Weather Underground. This is required for the app to function correctly by downloading necessary weather data. Once you do that, you can set an alarm.

Setting an alarm consists of steps such as choosing a default alarm time, adding alarm description, choosing days, and setting weather rules. In weather rules, you can set different timings for conditions such as cloudy, snowy, foggy, stormy, clear, and rainy.

In the free version of the app you can set only a single alarm and choose two weather conditions. If you find it useful after trying, an in-app purchase can be made to unlock full features.

AlarMe is no longer available on Play Store. An alternate app that provides similar functionalities is: Alarm Weather(Alarm Clock)

Download: AlarMe from Google Play