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Navigate Around A Mall With FastMall

Fast Mall is an app that help you know exactly where everything is located at any shopping mall right on your iPhone. It has a Virtual Map feature that shows you a detailed map of the mall and then overlays it with important information such as where the restrooms are, where the theater is, and it also allows you to select a store or location in the mall and get turn by turn directions to it no matter where you are in the mall. All this can be done without the need of GPS. It can also recalculate your route to include elevators, if you are shopping with a stroller.

Finding a mall is simple, just click on the “Malls” button. This will show malls that are closest to your current location, but you can also search for any mall by using the search bar.

There are other features in FastMall which you can use without purchasing anything:

FastMall provides a good, basic information about your local mall but for it to to be really useful you’ll need to unlock a virtual map. One may not get lost in a local mall or need a virtual map to navigate but it still can be useful if you are travelling and visiting a new mall.

The Fast Mall app itself is free but you will need to pay to download a virtual map.

Visit: FastMallDownload: Fast Mall for iPhone

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