View Exif Information Online from Local and Online Images

Today I stumbled across a great online tool called Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer. This is a simple, free tool that gives you complete information of an image, which includes basic metadata like description, keyword, image shot date, to more in-depth like GPS encoded location, focal length, zoom ratio, exposure time, shutter speed and lots more. In fact, it shows all hidden data in an image.

Jeffrey's Exif Viewer
Jeffrey's Exif Viewer

To use this service, simply enter the URL of an image saved somewhere online or choose an image from your computer.

Once your image gets uploaded and it’s data read, you are taken to a page as seen in the first screenshot with a thumbnail of the photo. The amount of information you see on the page is dependent on the data encoded in the image. Below every image, you can see the distribution of colors aka color histogram. And for photos encoded with geographic location, you get an embedded Google Maps pane in the summary area. Every other found information is displayed in a neat tabular format.

With modern-day cameras embedding lots of hidden data in every captured photo, Exif Viewer is a handy tool to view them before posting an image online or mailing a photo to someone.

Visit: Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer

While the exif viewer allows you to view an image’s metadata, you can use BatchPurifier LITE to remove every kind of hidden information from an image.