Google Docs Gets Fontastic

Until now, you could only see fonts on a webpage that you already had installed on your computer. This imposed a limitation on the web designer on the font variations he could use while designing a site. That situation is changing now as all modern browsers supports the ability to download web fonts. A web font doesn’t need to be installed on the local computer—it can be read directly from a web server and used on the webpage.

Google had launched Google Font API in May. Google Font API makes it possible for website developers to use any one of the web fonts on their pages. Using Google Font API, Google has introduced 6 new fonts in Google Docs: Droid Serif, Droid Sans, Calibri, Cambria, Consolas and Corsiva. These fonts can be used in all documents that you create in Google Docs and all users can see the document as intended by the author without installing the fonts on their computer.