Add Custom Links to Google’s Black Bar, Sort or Remove Existing

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A black navigation bar is displayed on most Google services with links that point to other services the company has to offer. Google has listed those services based on their popularity among users, but also considering what they want to promote. If you aren’t happy with the listed items or they way they are sorted on the navigation bar, then fret not, Big G Black Bar Sorter is here to help you fix it.
Custom links google navigation bar

Big G Black Bar Sorter is a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to add custom links, remove unwanted links, and sort the menu items to your liking with a simple drag and drop function.

Add Custom Links

After installing the extension, go to On the webpage, enter your link name and its URL in the two fields that are provided. Then click on Add to save changes. If you’d like to add other links, enter those as well the same way. When you’re done, go to any Google service to see your custom links at the top of the page.

To modify or remove your links, go back to the same webpage and click on either Edit or Delete depending on what you want to do.

Rearrange or Remove links

To change link order, just drag and drop a link to the position you want on the bar. You can also move links, for instance Google Reader or Blogger, that are listed under the More menu to the toolbar. By doing so those products will be directly accessible.

To remove an unwanted link, simply grab and drop it off the bar to get rid of it. Or if you just want to hide a lesser used link, just move it under More toolbar.

All in all, this extension is a handy tool to organize and optimize Google’s black navigation bar to your liking.

Create Custom Google Menu Bar

If all you is a custom menu with links you regularly use, you could also give this userscript a try:

// ==UserScript==
// @name          Rearrange Google Apps Menu Bar
// @namespace
// @version       0.1
// @description   Customizes the google black bar
// @include       *
// ==/UserScript==

function reformatList()
    var divContainingOrderedList = document.getElementById('gbz');
    var orderedList = document.getElementById("gbz").getElementsByTagName("ol")[0];
    var newOrderedList = document.createElement("ol");
    newOrderedList.setAttribute("class", "gbtc");

    // Facebook
    newOrderedList.innerHTML += '<li class=gbt><a target="_blank" class="gbzt" href=""><span class="gbtb2"></span><span class="gbts">Facebook</span></a></li>';

    // Gmail
    newOrderedList.innerHTML += '<li class=gbt><a target="_blank" class="gbzt" href=""><span class="gbtb2"></span><span class="gbts">Gmail</span></a></li>';



In the script, duplicate either Facebook or Gmail example and change its values to the link you want. Similarly add as many links as you you want. Then save it with a file name that ends in user.js. For example, myGmenu.user.js.

On installing it, default menu is removed and only those links that you add in the script will be displayed.

If you don’t want all the fancy features that the extension offers, then this is a simple and effective solution. Moreover, this simple solution will also work on Firefox and Opera in addition to Chrome.