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Setup a Google Chrome Startup Password

If you save all your passwords in Google Chrome, you already know it’s accessible by anyone who opens the browser with/without your permission. Moreover, they will also have access to your bookmarks and surfing history. Using profiles is the only way to protect those details from others. But if you are looking for a simple solution to prevent unauthorized users from starting Chrome then here is Simple Startup Password.

Simple Startup Password is a Google Chrome extension that can prevent unauthorized users from starting Chrome by requiring a startup password.

After installing the extension, everytime you start Chrome a password will be requested. If you enter an incorrect password or “Cancel” Chrome will exit. Thus only people you give password to can start.

To setup your password, go to the extension’s option, enter your password and hit “Save“.


  • The extension provides no way to recover a forgotten password.
  • This is not a foolproof solution to protect your privacy as anyone can just disable extension support and still run Chrome.

Download: Simple Startup Password

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