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Auto Update Target Path of Multiple Shortcut Files in Windows

Shortcut (.lnk) files allow us to conveniently open files and programs without having to directly access the executable. We can make shortcuts on the desktop, any folder, and even pin them to the taskbar for quick access.

Every so often it may happen that some of the shortcuts break because you moved something to another directory or deleted a program or changed your network drive maps. The usual fixing process involves going to the shortcut’s properties and updating the new path manually. It’s fine if there only a few shortcut files; but what if you wanted to edit a folder with 100s of shortcuts or a whole drive on your computer? In such cases, Shortcuts Search And Replace can save you from the pain.

Shortcuts Search And Replace is a free portable program for Windows that can quickly check hundreds of shortcut files for dead links and automatically bulk update target path.

Using Shortcuts Search And Replace

Search and Replace works on all Windows editions, and separate versions are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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