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Get All Your Email and Social Network Accounts In One Place

Inbox2 is an application that brings all your email accounts and social networks into one place.

Inbox2 is easy to setup, just enter usernames and passwords for the account you want to connect and hit the authentication buttons. Then it collects all your messages, documents, links and contacts from the accounts and let’s you access them in one convenient place.

Inbox2 supports email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange, and any custom IMAP/POP3 accounts. The imported messages are shown in conversation form, which makes it easier for you to follow. You can read, reply and search through all of your emails.

At first, Inbox2 only grabs the last 50 messages from each of your accounts, but you can go to the Options and download everything.

Social Networks
You can also connect your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer and Hyves. Messages from these accounts are pulled into your stream alongside your other email messages and can also be sorted by platforms.
Realtime stream of status updates from your friends and your twitter mentions can be found on the right-side of the application. You can also send a message to anyone on your contact list.

Inbox2 allows you to organize all your messages with the use of labels and stars. Labels can also be imported from Gmail.

Inbox2 is a free download for Windows.

Download: Inbox2

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