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Paper Plus

Paper Plus is a free desktop wallpaper manager, giving you control over your desktop backgrounds. With built-in support for both Windows Bitmap (BMP) and JPEG images, you can expand the choices available to you for desktop wallpaper. And the easy to use interface makes changing the wallpaper a simple task.

The default Windows wallpaper changing interface is cumbersome and makes choosing a new wallpaper unnecessarily difficult. Paper Plus removes this frustration by making it easy to select a new desktop background whenever you choose. It can all be done in two easy steps:

  1. Open an existing Paper Plus wallpaper list, or create a new one.
  2. Select the desired wallpaper file and apply it, or have Paper Plus choose a wallpaper for you.

What makes Paper Plus different from other similar programs is the concept of wallpaper lists. Instead of one global collection of wallpaper files, you can create multiple lists of files, essentially grouping the files together. This is a handy feature when a single computer is used by more than one person. Users can create a list with their favorite wallpaper files. And individual users can have multiple lists for different image themes: one for landscapes, one for space images, etc. Wallpaper organization has never been more convenient!

Download: Paper Plus

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