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Resume Tracker is a free opensource tool that allows one to track his/her resumes that have been submitted to various companies. Most people submit their resume to hundreds of companies and usually lose track of it. After a while, it becomes difficult to recall where the resume was send to, on which date, and so on.

Just launch ResumeTracker and enter a name to create a Profile. In each profile you can add multiple companies and their information.

There is no limit on creating a profile, on next launch simply select from the list of existing profile. Once inside, you need to add a company name before adding your resume or posting. Companies are listed in plain text and clicking them opens up a new window where you can Add Master Resume or Add New Posting.

When adding a posting, you have to enter the position name, date, link to CV or website, and Sent To (the person whom you send the resume). There is also an option to include a Master Resume provided that you have added it before.

Once the posting has been saved, it is listed on the Company window, complete with all information.

This is the first version of the app from the developer. It is not fancy and still needs some work. Having said that, we believe it is sufficient for users who love minimalist design to organize and keep track of their resumes.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download: Resume Tracker

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