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Image EXIF Date Changer

Remembering to update the time on your digital camera is generally the last thing on your mind while travelling overseas. This becomes a big problem when it comes time to sorting your photos when you realise all the times are wrong on your photos. This is where EXIF Date Changer comes in. By modifying the date and time attributes of the EXIF data in your digital photos, it allows you to easily compensate for incorrect date and times on your digital photos within seconds.

Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) data is stored within JPEG images. Almost all digital cameras record and store the cameras settings, scene information, date/time the photo was taken etc within this EXIF data. This information can be really useful when it comes to sorting and viewing your digital photos, providing you keep the date and time settings of your camera up to date. While traveling this rarely happens, making the date/time values useless.

EXIF Date Changer is a simple and free Windows application which allows you to alter the EXIF time stamp on your photos. You can alter the hour, minute, and second a photo or batch of photos was taken to synchronize them with the actual time or, more helpfully, with other cameras. EXIF Date Changer makes it simple to synchronize photographs to the proper time and the output of individual cameras to each other. As an added bonus you are also able to rename all photos to include the time taken in the filename, making it even easier to sort and view your photos. EXIF Date Changer is freeware, Windows only.

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