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Word Tip: Paste Text Only Without the Formatting

Earlier, I had shown how to paste only text in Google Chrome without the formatting. Microsoft Word also has the default behaviour to preserve formatting of pasted texts. This formatting can be removed manually but why should you do the extra work when Word can do it automatically?

Follow the following steps to make Word paste only text:

  1. In Micrsoft Word 2010, go to File -> Options.
  2. In the Advanced tab find Cut, copy, and paste. There you will find four options as below:
  3. Now, depending on your choice, set one of those options to Keep Text Only or else you can also set all options to Keep Text Only.

  4. Doing so, all pasted texts will be stripped of formatting.

  5. After setting the option(s), click OK to save all settings.

Next time when you copy and paste, you will get only plain text.

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