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Edit Animated GIF Images to Add Text, Resize, Crop, and More

To edit a static GIF image, even a simple software such as Windows Paint would do. But, if you are looking to edit an animated GIF image, software like Adobe Fireworks or GIMP is needed that can preserve the animation. Those are awesome piece of software to edit GIFs with great control frame by frame. However, if you’re not familiar with those programs or if you want to get things done the easy way, then let me suggest you an online service called Online Image Editor.

Online Image Editor is a free online image editing application that can be used to add text, overlay image, border, photo effects, as well as resize and crop animated GIF images from inside your favorite browser.

For editing, you can load images from your computer, but also from any online location by just providing the image’s URL. After the image is uploaded you’ll see a user friendly interface as seen in the above image. Click on any of the buttons to start making changes to your image. If you make a mistake, just press the Undo button to fix it. Current image file size is shown at the bottom-left corner of the canvas, this can be useful if you are looking to keep the image under a certain file size.

When you’re done editing, the image can be directly shared on Facebook, uploaded to ImageShack for sharing online, and, of course, you can download it to your computer as well.

In addition to GIF format, the web app also supports BMP, PNG, and JPEG image formats. Hit the below link to try it now.

Visit: Online Image Editor