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Google Plus Widget For Website and Blog with Public Stream Updates

Google Plus Widget
Google Plus Widget

Got a Google+ account and a personal blog or website? Then you can embed your Google+ public stream on your website and connect with your readers with the Google+ Widget.

Google+ widget is a simple yet customizable profile widget creator for Google Plus profiles. It is similar to the Facebook and Twitter widgets you have already seen numerous times.

The widget shows your latest public posts, including the +1’s it received and the number of people who have added you to their circle(s). If you’ve kept the circle information private, it will show as “in O people’s circles.”  Updates are auto-scrolled and even refreshed to get the latest posts whenever you post on Google+.

To create a widget. you just need to provide with your Google+ ID — yes the long string of numbers you see in your profile URL. Once you do that, just click on the “Get Code” button to generate the embed code. Widgets work on all types of websites, and it can also be added to a sidebar or post.

You can fully customize the widget to match your site’s design. Customization options include the ability to show only your profile link – excluding the updates, remove Google+ logo, change widget width and height, change colors, and lots more. After you are done tweaking, hit ‘Get Code’ to get your code.

Customize Google Plus Widget

Visit the link below to generate your Google+ widget now.

Visit: Google Plus Widget

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