Add Multiple Users to Adsense Account, Transfer Account Ownership

Ever wanted to give access to your Adsense account to a friend or partner, or wanted to login using multiple email IDs? You can do so now thanks to a new feature called “Users with sign-in access” added to the Adsense dashboard.

The new feature allows you to invite users and grant them access to your Adsense account. Once they sign up, together you will be able to run reports, manage payment information, and generate ad code.

Currently there are two level of access: Standard and Administrator. Both levels provide users with full access to the Adsense interface, with the only difference being that only Administrators can add or remove users.

Add New User to an Adsense Account

Google has made the process of inviting users extremely simple, usually taking no more than a couple of minutes, although the actual accepting time depends on the other user. Here are the steps to invite a new user to your Adsense account:


Transfer Adsense Account Ownership to Another Google or Google Apps Account

Previously it was not possible for users to transfer ownership of Adsense to another Google or Google Apps account. Now using this new feature we can do it similar to how blogger blog ownership is transferred.

While using it, just remember to take care of who you invite, for, if another admin user kick you out of your own account, Google won’t help you regain access.

This is a handy feature, and its good to see that Google has added it as it was one of the most requested feature.