Select and Delete Multiple Tweets from your Twitter Account

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Earlier I had posted about an app called TwitWipe that allowed users to bulk delete all tweets in their Twitter account. That app didn’t give you much control over the deletion process. That app either delete all or none. So if you want to delete only some particular tweets, check out Delete Multiple Tweets.

Delete Multiple Tweets is also an online app, and is quite simple to use.

Delete Multiple Tweets

First sign into your Twitter account and grant the app access to your Tweets. Once done, by default, it will load your last 100 tweets. It also provides the option to load more than the standard 100 tweets to delete if you want so.

Tweets Loaded

All tweets are loaded on the same page and each tweet has a check box next to it. This makes it quite easy to view, review and select the ones you want to permanently delete. When you have made your choice, click on “Delete the Tweets Permanently” button to get rid of them. Once you press the button, it cannot be undone.

Visit: Delete Multiple Tweets