Delete All Tweets in Your Twitter Account with a Single Click using TwitWipe

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Want to make a fresh start on twitter, or are you planning to abandon Twitter and move on to Google+? Well whatever the reason might be, you would be disappointed to know that Twitter doesn’t provide an easy option to delete all your existing tweets. Nothing to worry though, there’s a free app called TwitWipe available to help you with that.

TwitWipe is a simple web app that allows you to automatically delete all tweets posted in your account with a single click. Do note that tweets are permanently deleted, which means there’s no way to restore them. But if you want, you can always take a backup of everything using an apps such as TweetBackup or TwitterBackup.

To use TwitWipe, you must first grant it access to your account. Once done, just click on “Start Wiping” link to start the deletion process.

Time taken for deletion depends upon the number of tweets in your account. According to the developer, if you have around 30,000 tweets, it may take about an hour due to the API limitation implemented by Twitter. But in any case, its much faster than manually deleting every single tweets.

Once you’ve started wiping tweets, you can stop the process in middle by clicking on the “STOP IT!” link. But as I said earlier, tweets already deleted are gone forever. When the process completes, you will get a entirely clean account, with followers and following list intact.

I test Twitwipe on an account and it perfectly works as it should. Hit the link below to try it now.

Visit: Twitwipe