Share files on Twitter using FileTwt

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There are plenty of ways to share images and videos on Twitter. But if you’re looking to share other types of files with your Twitter friends, then the new service FileTwt will definitely come in handy.

FileTwt, a beta service for file sharing on Twitter, is a basic but convenient utility for quickly sharing any file, up to 20MB, with your entire Twitter network or just a single user.
The service works pretty similar to the photo and video sharing sites for Twitter that we’ve become accustomed to – just input your Twitter credentials, browse for the appropriate file, enter your Twitter text, and tweet away. Your tweet will include a FileTwt URL, where visitors can go to download your shared file.

If you want to use the person-to-person file sharing function, you’ll need to create a FileTwt account, but in doing so you’ll also be able to create a custom friend list. Or at least that’s what FileTwt promises. Currently the site seems to be having technical issues with user accounts, so you might not be able to log in to your FileTwt account (though one-off file sharing to Twitter works just fine).

Upcoming features from FileTwt include integration with Google Maps, the ability to retweet files, and access to your file sharing history. We’d also really like to see file-related stats, like the number of people viewing the download page and the number of total downloads.

All things considered, FileTwt makes Twitter file sharing to one or many quick and painless.

Visit: FileTwt