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Check If Your Gawker Password Got Hacked?

Gawker Media was hacked on Sunday and around 1.4 million usernames and passwords were stolen from the site and released over the web. Use this new tool from Slate to quickly check if your account was compromised. It scans your entered e-mail address or username against the list that was released on […]

Should You Friend Your Parents On Facebook?

Having some trouble deciding on the above question? This handy flowchart created by Cool Material should help you out. My answer is a NO. You should never friend your parents on Facebook, unless, of course, you put them on a restricted profile and they’re not savvy enough to realize it. via […]

Talk to Santa for Free from a Vonage Phone

Vonage, the Voice Over IP company announced that its annual CALL SANTA program is back. Parents can now help their children call Santa (only from a Vonage phone) and leave a voice message telling what they want for Christmas. The recorded message will then be sent to the account holder’s e-mail address so they […]