Times Square Image Created Over 4 Years with 750,000 Layers

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Bert Monroy, a digital photo-realist artist, spent the past 4 years creating an incredibly detailed Times Square scene.

Times Square

The image serves as a “who’s who” for the world of digital imaging, and features individuals who have made an impact on the history of the field, including Photoshop’s founders John and Thomas Knoll (standing in the main foreground), imaging experts such as Russell Brown and Jeff Schewe, and many other notable photographers.

The flattened image is 6.52GB and was built with more than 750,000 separate Photoshop layers. A zoomable version of the image can be viewed at Bert’s website.

The final image will be on display at Photoshop World, which is to be held in Orlando, Florida from March 30 to April 1, 2011.

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