Gmail for Android: Delete Message Instead of Archive from Notification

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The Gmail app for Android allows users to reply, archive or delete messages right from the notifications, without requiring to open the app and perform those actions.

Gmail Android Delete Option

By default, the Archive option is enabled. When you click on that button for a message, it is removed from the inbox and moved to All Mail with all labels retained. However, if you prefer deleting messages instead of archiving, here’s how you can change the default option in the notifications.

  1. In the Gmail app, tap Menu, then Settings.
  2. Choose General settings.
  3. In the list of general settings, touch Swiping conversation list.
  4. Then select Always delete.

That’s it!

Do note that after changing this setting, swiping a message left or right while viewing your conversation list in the app will delete it instead of archiving. Unfortunately you can’t use multiple options at the same time.