Know Where Your Photos are Viewed With Panoramio Stats

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Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented community photo sharing website. Photos uploaded to Panoramio show up on the website, as well as other places such as Google Earth and Google Maps.

Panoramio has introduced a new feature called “Panoramio Stats,” a photo-specific version of Google Analytics that lets you track the sites from which your photos have been viewed. The stats is broken down based on sources, you can see just how many users are coming from Panoramio, Google Earth, Google Maps or the Widget API.

Panoramio Stats is now live for every photo on Panoramio. You can see the statistics for every image on Panoramio and not just the ones you have uploaded.

Stats can be viewed only for the last 30 days but you can get the total number of views since the photo has been uploaded. Panoramio Stats also helps you identify your most recently viewed and most popular photos.

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