Facebook Gets High-Resolution Photos, New Photo Viewer And More

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Facebook has announced that starting today they will be rolling out new features like support for high-resolution photos, a new photo viewer, bulk tagging and easy uploading features to their Photos product.

High-Resolution Photos

You will be now be able to upload photos up to 2048 pixels (up from the current 720p) and download the high-resolution images by clicking the “Download” button.

New Photo Viewer

A new Photo Viewer based on light box is going to be rolled out. You will now be able to “view photos and even whole albums without even having to go to a new page. Instead, the photo opens in the center of your screen, and you close it when you’re done. There’s no need to go back and forth between pages or reload the page”

Bulk Tagging and Easier Uploads

When you go to any album page, you’ll be able to click “Tag photo”, enter a friend’s name, click the face of that friend in multiple photo thumbnails, and hit save to simultaneously tag that person in all of those photos.

A new Flash uploader is going to be implemented. When you hit “upload photos” you’ll immediately begin selecting photos, and not be first asked to create and name an album as you were before.