Site Content Monitor [Tynt Tracer]

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Tynt Tracer is a simple one-line Javascript that you can add to your site or blog to monitor the content from your site which users find most engaging. This means, whenever users highlight or copy-paste any text or pictures from your site, Tracer tracks it. What’s more, when users paste the copied content in an email, blog or another web page, Tracer automatically adds an attribution link back to your site, potentially increasing your site’s traffic and improving your search engine rank.

Tracer Dashboard
What does Tracer tell you? The Dashboard gives you a tag cloud of the most copied words, a list of the most copied images and pages, as well as high-level stats for page views, copies, etc. over different time spans.

Tracer Benefits
Automatically tackle plagiarism and protect your intellectual property
Identify the most appealing keywords on your site, and use this insight to focus strongly on popular content
Generate more traffic to your site via automatic linkbacks
Automatic attribution links increase your site’s search engine rank
Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see how easy it is to get started using Tracer on Blogger/Blogspot.

Adding Tracer to Blogger
Sign up at Tynt Tracer with the domain where you want to use it. In our case, the name would be After successful signup, Tracer will give you the Javascript you need to add to your blog.

Copy the entire script code in the highlighted box to your clipboard. Go to your Blogger Dashboard, and click ‘Layout‘. On the ‘Page Elements‘ tab, click ‘Add a Gadget‘.

In the ‘Add a Gadget‘ window, select ‘HTML/Javascript‘.

In the ‘Configure HTML/Javascript‘ window, give it a title like ‘Tracer‘ and paste the Javascript code given by Tracer in the ‘Content‘ section.

You should see a confirmation and the Tracer gadget added to the list of page elements.

You can confirm that Tracer is active on your blog by checking that the gadget is active and visible on your blog.

That’s it! You are all set. Visit your Tracer Dashboard now to get a better understanding of what content your users find really interesting.