Search and Download Any File with Goofind

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Almost any ebook, audio, or anything else we are looking for is available somewhere on the internet but finding the exact thing to download can be difficult with the amount of results we get with a search. The results can be narrowed down by using advance filters but it is not something that an average user would like to do.

Enter Goofind, a search engine that uses Google’s database to help you find the exact file that you are looking for.

Goofind basically works just like Google, with the difference that while Google gives you page results, Goofind gives you file download links. This can be extremely useful when a user does a search with an intention of just downloading something.

The search results that Goofind displays are the index of files stored on unprotected servers.

If you are a Chrome user you can also use the Goofind extension to search from within the browser.

Visit: Goofind | Install: Goofind Extension