Two Sites to Create Dummy Images

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While designing websites, you may come up with need to display sample of bannners, post titles inside an image or page backgrounds. Now instead of showing live ads or manually creating backgrounds for demonstration purposes here are two websites that can help you with the task.

Random Image Generator

Random Image Generator can generate colorful dummy images for you that can be used as banners, backgrounds, etc. It’s quite simple to use, you just need to specify your required dimensions, number of banners you need and choose a style. After that hit the Go button and it will generate the image for you.

Visit: Random Image Generator

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is a free PHP script that creates images with any size, color and text over them. It receives arguments in the URL format, and returns an image of the specified size, colors (background & foreground) and file format (png, jpg, gif) with text over it. The above image was created with this URL:×200/000/fff.jpg&text=SumTips
If you prefer banners with proper marking of banner size then go with Dynamic Dummy Image Generator.

Visit: Dynamic Dummy Image Generator