Create Panoramic Images Online with Dermandar

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Panoramas or panoramic pictures are created by taking several pictures of a scene and combing them together. The neat thing about creating a panorama is that you can take a series of photos of the same place, or event and then, using a free software program, you can then stitch those images together in such a way as to make it appear that it is all one photo. For those who may not want to have to hassle with a camera that can take panoramic shots, check out Dermander.

Dermandar is a free flash-based web app that let’s you create panoramic photos online by automatically stitching photos together.

Panoramas created on Dermander can be viewed as a side-to-side scrolling image, or in “3D” mode. It also has a fullscreen mode that makes the viewing process very immersive.

On Dermander, you can create a partial panorama comprising of 2 to 4 images or a full 360-degree view panorama comprising of 7 to 24 images.

To create a panorama, take some pictures of your location and upload them to Dermandar. That’s it! Dermandar will automatically stitch them up and present you with a preview.

You can download this image now or you can share it on Dermandar. The image can also be embedded on your site and also shared on facebook using the facebook application.


  • Free to use. No registration required.
  • Lets you download the final panoramic image to your desktop.
  • No human intervention needed. The whole process is automated.
  • No resizing of images needed. Dermandar figures that out itself.
  • Embed panoramas on to your site.

Visit: Dermandar