Transform Text to Uppercase, Lowercase, Flip, Reverse and More

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Uppercase It is a website that allows you to transform any text to uppercase or lowercase. It also offers various other effects using which you can flip, reverse or even convert your text into morse code.

It’s a simple site and easy to follow. Just type in (or paste) your text, choose the effect you want and then click on the “Click To Transform Your Text” button. The transformed text will appear below the box with the option to copying or printing it. Multiple transformations can be selected at once.

Available Effects:

  • All Uppercase
  • All Lowercase
  • Initial Uppercase Each Word
  • Initial Uppercase Per Sentence
  • Reverse Words
  • Reverse Letters Per Word
  • Text Flipped
  • Remove All Spaces
  • Camel Case
  • To Braille
  • To Morse Code
  • -Friendly Urls
  • _Friendly Urls
  • Rot13
  • Url Encode/Decode

Visit: Uppercase it