Docs Gets Search Improvement and PDF Support

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Docs blog revealed several new features, such as, full text search with social document ranking, PDF support, User-generated templates and Bulk documents uploads for is a collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook to provide an online document editing suite, similar to Google Docs. It is designed to make it easy to discover, create and share Office documents with your Facebook friends.

Here’s a breakdown of the features:

Full Text Search & Social Document Ranking
Previously, Docs search was only matching tags with the search phrase but now Docs is able to find the search phrase in documents and tags.
Social document ranking finds documents using social criteria, like a user’s relationship with the author and the number of likes of a document.

PDF Files Support
Users can now upload PDF documents to Docs and also share them online. For this to work, you need to have Sliverlight 4 or greater installed on you computer. Silverlight is currently available only for Mac and PC. So, Linux users will not be able to read PDF documents.

User Generated Templates
Users can now allow their friends to copy a document and edit it in their account. To enable this feature, go to ‘advanced options‘ section of the sharing control and select the option “Viewers can use the doc as a template.”

Bulk Document Uploader
Multiple documents can be uploaded now by simply dragging and dropping them onto the uploader. This feature also requires at least Silverlight 4.

Visit: | Read full post on Docs blog.