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If you are planning to buy a new cellphone but can’t make a decision with the various models on offer in the market? Then you should check out Compare Cellphones.

As the name suggests, compare cellphones is a site where you can compare two cellphones head-to-head.

Simply enter name of two phones in the fields provided on the homepage and hit “Compare.

Next, you will be provided various reasons to consider buying each of the phone along with common pros and cons.

Finally if you were able to make a decision you can leave a comment providing your reason for it.

Compare Cellphones is a free web service and no registration is required to use it.

In terms of functionality, it’s quite limited as you can compare phones only if you have already made your decisions and are stuck with some models. There’s no gallery where you can browse various models. But more features can be expected in the future as the site is still in it’s early days.

Visit: Compare Cellphones

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