Tumbl Through Links Shared by Your Friends

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Tumbl.in lets you browse through random links from your Twitter Timeline, Favorites and Lists much the same way you use Stumbleupon to discover interesting webpages. Tumbl.in works similar to Friendshuffle but pages you Tumbl are served up by frequency and recency.

Just go to the site, login/give permission to the app with you Twitter credentials.

Then you’ll see a screen like this:

On this page, you can select your twitter timeline, favorite or the lists which you want Tumbl.in to check for links. Then hit “Save Changes & Start Tumbling” to save your selection.  The selection can be changed later by visiting the preference page again.

To start tumbling hit the big “Tumbl” button on the left-top of the screen. That’s it, the website will then open random links from your selections:

Using the Tweet and Facebook like button available on the right top, you can retweet or Like the link.

Visit: Tumbl.in