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7 Image Search Engines for Twitter

Twitter has been a major news source for some time now and there are many tools available to search tweets by text and hashtags. If you want to search twitter specifically for images here are seven image search engines for you: Note: All the images are user generated and unmoderated […]

Search and Download Any File with Goofind

Almost any ebook, audio, or anything else we are looking for is available somewhere on the internet but finding the exact thing to download can be difficult with the amount of results we get with a search. The results can be narrowed down by using advance filters but it is not […]

Meet Inframutt – Google’s Evil Twin

When you do a search on Google, you get the most relevant and popular results, while Inframutt fetches and displays the least popular results to you. It’s the exact opposite of Google. What Inframutt exactly does is, it takes you to the last page on Google for any searched term. […]