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Google has announced that its url shortener is now open for all. Google had launched last December and integrated it with several Google products like Feedburner, Google News, Blogger and Google Toolbar.

To create a short URL, go to, paste web address and hit Shorten. URL shortener gives you great insights into visitors profile as well as referrers along with demographic, browser and platform information. The shortening service also integrates with your account, so if you have shortened any URLs in the past through Feedburner or through the toolbar, you will be able to track the clicks.

All the statistics is public, so anyone can view it. Append “.info” to the address and you’ll see the number of clicks, list of traffic sources and some aggregate information about visitors. Ex.

Another special feature is the QR code implementation – Append “.qr” to the address and you will get the QR code. Ex.

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