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Create Secured Short URL from is a secure-short URL service by McAfee. It lets you create short URLs that are scanned against McAfee’s databases of known spam, malware hosting or bot control sites prior to being shown. This assures those who click the short url know it’s safe. If the site is flagged dangerous, […]

Extract Original URL From Shortened URL with KnowURL

KnowURL is an online service which allow users to find, retrieve or unshorten the original URL hidden behind the Shortened URL. It supports almost all URL shortening sites like,, tinyurl and many more. This can come handy when you’re unsure about the original link and want to confirm […]

Forget TinyURL, Now You Have DickensURL

DickensURL is similar to TinyURL, which lets you convert long urls into short 40 characters ones. In TinyURL if you don’t define your own custom alias for the links then the converted link comes out gibberish and doesn’t make any sense. Now this is where DickensURL comes into highlight, it […]