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Embed Facebook Albums, Events, Notes, And Other Objects on Your WordPress Site

With almost 600 million users now daily uploading images and videos on Facebook, we can easily say that there’s almost an infinite amount of content on it. Still Facebook doesn’t provide users with a proper plugin to embed Albums, Photos, etc. easily into a post or a page. So users have to use Facebook Markup Language (FBML) or generate codes for whatever task they have with Facebook integrating it into their site.

If you have a WordPress site, here’s some good news for you. I recently found an excellent plugin called Embed Facebook, which allows you to embed a Facebook Album, Photo, Event, Note, Video, Page, and even Groups in a WordPress post or page.

The plugin is easy to install and requires no configurations. After activating it, just paste the URL of the content into a post/page. The plugin will identify the type of content and embed it into the page.

Embed Facebook can embed any Facebook object as long as it’s privacy settings is set to “Everyone“.

The plugin is compatible up to the latest WordPress 3.0.1. You can view a demo of it here.

Download: Embed Facebook for WordPress

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