Enable Auto-Resume Playback in Media Player Classic & Winamp

Many people don’t watch a movie in one sitting. Sometimes, it takes about three sittings for me to finish off a movie. One hassle of watching movies this way is that you have to remember the last viewing position and have to manually navigate to where you left off. Certain media players have built-in media bookmarking features to auto-resume playback, while in many popular ones it is missing. Here I will show you how to enable this feature in Media Player Classic, KMPlayer, and Winamp.

Enable Auto-Resume in Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic has a built-in feature that remembers last viewing position of all supported audio, video and DVD media files. To enable this feature, go to View > Options. Click on Player in the left pane.

In history section, check both ‘Remember DVD position’ and ‘Remember File position’ options, and save changes by clicking on OK.

Do note, Media Player Classic remembers playback position of only those files that are in the recent files history list.

Enable Auto-Resume in KMPlayer

Similar to MPC, KMPlayer also has a built-in feature to resume playback. There are two ways to enable it:

The next time you play a video/audio file, it resumes from where you left off.

Enable Auto-Resume in Winamp

Winamp doesn’t have a built in auto-resume feature, however you can get it using the Time Restore & Autoplay plugin. Download and install it.

The plugin works straight out of the box. If you need to change any of its setting, access it here: Options > Winamp Preferences (Ctrl + P) > Autoplay Options.

I couldn’t find any proper solution to get auto-resume feature in Windows Media Player and VLC. VLC does have a “Jump to Specific time” option, but it is far from convenient as you’d have to always remember last played time. And for WMP there was a plugin called MyMediaBookmarks, but it’s no longer working with WMP v12. Know of any solution for these players? Let me know in the comments.