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How to Unlink or Disconnect a Computer from SkyDrive Account

Unlinking or disconnecting a computer from your SkyDrive account will stop syncing files with the SkyDrive website and other linked computers. It would also prevent it from being accessed remotely from SkyDrive and other Windows Live applications. However, the files in the SkyDrive folder will remain on the computer even after unlinking it from your account.

So here’s how you unlink a computer:

Unlink a Computer from SkyDrive website

1. Sign in to your SkyDrive account
2. Click Computers from the left sidebar and select the computer you’d like to unlink from your account

3. The page that loads has a “Disconnect computer from SkyDrive” link at the top. Click on it to unlink the computer.
4. You will be asked to confirm your decision to unlink. Hit Disconnect in it to confirm and complete the process.

Unlink a Computer from SkyDrive Software

1. Right-click on the SkyDrive icon from your system tray, and click on Settings from the menu
2. In the new window that opens click on About tab

3. Click on Unlink SkyDrive button. You’re not asked a confirmation here, yet.

That’s how you unlink a computer from the SkyDrive website and your desktop.

To reconnect the computer, you’ll need to sign into SkyDrive software on the PC.

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