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Microsoft Releases WebMatrix – A Free Web Development Tool

Microsoft has released a brand new free web development tool called WebMatrix. WebMatrix brings together all the required tools such as a Web server, database, and programming frameworks together into a single integrated experience allowing you to create, test and launch a website.

It works with WordPress, Joomla!, DotNetNuke, Orchard, Umbraco, and more! You can create a website from scratch, or port an existing web development project into WebMatrix.

With it you can work on both ASP.NET and PHP web applications together.

It also includes a useful built-in SEO feature, this allows one to run an SEO report and find how to make their sites more search engine friendly. You can even connect to Visual Studio or SQL Server Express from WebMatrix and take advantage of Microsoft’s professional tools and servers.

WebMatrix is available in nine languages so far and works only on Windows

Here’s a link to a tutorial For WebMatrix.

Download: WebMatrix

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