Get Latest Development Versions Of Google Chrome

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Google Chrome has been releasing in three channels : Stable Channel, Beta Channel and Development Channel.

Stable Channel: It is the channel on which every one is on when they first install Google Chrome. It is updated with features and fixes after they have been thoroughly tested in the Beta Channel.
Beta Channel: This channel is used by people who likes to help and refine the latest features in Google Chrome. This channel is more stable than Development Channel.
Developer Channel: This is where new ideas get tested and which sometimes fails as well. It can be very unstable but if you want to try out the latest features and help Google Chrome improve then you can do so by using this channel.

To change channels you need to use a software a software called Google Chrome Channel Changer. It can be done by following the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Google Chrome Channel Changer.
Step 2: Select the circle next to the Dev: The latest features and bugfixes.
Step 3: Click on the Update button to save your choice.
Step 4: Click on the Close button.
Step 5: In Google Chrome, click the wrench menu and choose About Google Chrome.
Step 6: If there are any latest update, click Update Now to install the current channel’s release.
Step 7: Restart Google Chrome.

Google Chrome will automatically update the browser to the latest version when future updates are released, to change back to a different channel, follow steps one thru 7 again.

Going Back to a More Stable Channel
If you decide to switch from Dev to Beta or from Beta to Stable, the new channel will be on an earlier version of Google Chrome. You won’t get automatic updates on that channel until it reaches a version later than what you’re already running.

You can uninstall Google Chrome and re-install from to go back to an earlier version. (If you want to be on the Beta channel, you have to run the channel changer again after re-installing).
If you re-install an older version, you might find that your profile is not compatible (because the data formats changed in the newer version you had been running). You’ll have to delete your profile data. Delete the User Data\Default folder (see the Before You Change Channels section above for the location). If you made a back up of your Default directory, you can then rename it to Default so that you at least restore some of your previous bookmarks, most visited pages, etc.