Change Default Wallpaper Directory In Windows

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Every one loves to change their wallpapers and if you have your wallpapers stored in a directory other than the default windows wallpapers(which is the case with most users) folder then it can get tedious as you will have to browser through several folders everytime you want to change your wallpaper.
Here is a solution for this problem, using this you will be able to assign your own custom wallpaper directory.

To do this change you will be required to edit the registry.

Note: Editing registry can be dangerous so dont forget to take a backup of it before editing to undo any errors if caused or ask an experienced person to help you.

Follow the following steps to change the default wallpaper directory in Windows XP.

Step 1:
Open Registry by pressing Windows Key + R, type in regedit into the run box and press enter.
Step 2:
Navigate to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion in the Left navigation panel.

Step 3:
In the right hand side you will see a string value with the name “WallPaperDir”, whose default value will be %SystemRoot%\Web\Wallpaper, double click on the item and input the path to the directory where you store the wallpapers.
Step 4:
Close the registry editor, the changes will now be applied and the next time you open display settings to change the wallpaper, it will show you the wallpapers from your custom directory.