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Talk to Santa for Free from a Vonage Phone

Vonage Santa

Vonage, the Voice Over IP company announced that its annual CALL SANTA program is back.

Parents can now help their children call Santa (only from a Vonage phone) and leave a voice message telling what they want for Christmas. The recorded message will then be sent to the account holder’s e-mail address so they can know exactly what their child asked St. Nick to bring them for Christmas this year. The attachment can also be forwarded to other family members and friends, or even set aside as a keepsake.

Additionally, for ten randomly selected children, Vonage will grant their special Christmas wish, delivering a toy from their list in Santa’s name.

If you call after 5:00 pm EST on December 24th, callers will also be able to track Santa’s whereabouts as he delivers toys around the world.

Dial 1-700-CALL SANTA (1-700-225-5726) from a Vonage phone in your home to hear a message from the big guy himself.

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