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Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound in Android Devices without Root

One little annoying catch to using an Android phone’s camera is the little shutter sound it makes whenever you take a picture. Not that big of deal, unless you’re trying to take some top secret pics or some candid shots of your friends. The shutter sound gives you away, and the next thing you know, you’re deleting pictures.

The easiest way to turn off the shutter sound is via the camera app’s settings. However, such an option is not available on many devices due to local privacy laws. An option that works on most Android phones is to switch the phone to silent mode or vibrate mode, thus killing all sounds. But switching to silent mode every time you want to capture a picture can be annoying.

To automate the process, here’s CameraMute – a simple app that mutes your phone’s sound when you enter your camera app and unmutes when you exit the app.

To use the app, install and run it, click on the “Enabled” button to switch it on, and forget about it. The app will silently run in the background and function as intended.

As of writing this app is compatible with stock camera of the following devices:

It may work on other devices too, as long as CameraMute is able to recognize that you’ve in fact opened your phone’s camera app.

CameraMute is created using Tasker, but does not require Tasker to be installed. It makes use of the default sound settings, so root access is also not needed.

You can download the app from XDA Forum.

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