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Copy Members From A Twitter User’s List Into Your Own List

Twitter Lists feature has been around for a while now. It allows users to organize the people they are following on the social network into specific public or private groups. People can also be added to a list without actually following them.

Many users create and share public lists consisting of users they find interesting on the site. You can subscribe to a list you like and get updates from all users in it. Rather than subscribing to a list, if you’d like to add all members in another user’s list into your own, it can be quite tedious as you’ve to manually add each user. To automate this process, give Twitter List Copy a try.

Twitter List Copy is an online app that you can use to automatically copy all members in another Twitter user’s list into one of your own. The app is barebone as far as design is concerned, but it does the task!

How to use Twitter List Copy

Start off by authorizing the service access to your Twitter account. Once signed in, you will be taken to a page with an option as seen below:

In the first field under “Copy from” section, enter the Twitter handle (username) of the user from whom you want to copy a list, and hit “Get lists”. Retrieved lists would be populated in the below dropdown box.

Then click on the dropdown and select the desired list.

Next under “Copy to” section, you will find all lists you have created in another dropdown box. Select the list (New list has to be created on Twitter) to which you want to copy users to, and click on the Copy! button.

After the process completes, you will get a notification telling you of the number of newly added users.

That’s it! You can view and stay updated with the list by going to your Twitter account.

During testing I found that only first twenty lists are retrieved, while the rest are ignored. As for number of users, the list I tested was one that had 43 users. The app was able to add those many users, but there could be a some sort of limitation for larger lists.

Apart from the 20 lists limit, the app worked perfectly for me.

Visit: Twitter List Copy

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