Automatically Follow Back Twitter Users with YesFollow

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If you are someone who returns the favor to every new Twitter user by following them back, then here’s a tool that will automate the task for you.

YesFollow is a free web service that allows you to automatically follow any new Twitter user that follows you.

Here’s a discription from the site:

If you are a power user of Twitter, then you will surely have a number of followers and you will also be following many. But what if you are having many followers whom you aren’t following or may have missed to follow? You could find them one by one and start following them. But do you think it is a wise method if you have hundreds of followers whom you want to follow and send DMs same time? I don’t think so! So here is a simple method to do that.” Lets Save Your Times ! Simple – Fast – Easy.

To use YesFollow, just signup providing access to your twitter account through Oauth. That’s it! It will then start checking your account for any new followers every hour. If it finds any, the user will be followed automatically.

Whenever it follows someone, it also sends a DM to the user.

YesFollow also provides you with additional tools that let you know which users are not following you and you are following them and one that does the opposite.

Visit: YesFollow